Fun Riddles And Brain Teasers With Answers

Do you fancy yourself as a brainbox? Well, get ready to put yourself to the test with our fantastic collections of fun riddles and brain teasers. We’ve something here for all ages and all abilities, so have some mind-boggling fun!

Dastardly riddles and brainteasers to give your brain a workout!

Popular Riddles And Brain Teasers

Really Tricky Riddles

If our other riddles are too easy for you, and you’re looking for more of a challenge, then give these tricky riddles a try.

Easy Riddles For Kids

Riddles are great for helping kids develop their logical thinking. And they’re fun too! Here’s some easy riddles for kids.

Dirty Riddles For Adults

If you’ve got a dirty mind, you’ll be surprised at the innocent answers to these apparently dirty riddles for adults only!

What Am I Riddles

What Am I? riddles are fun for all the family. Here’s a great free selection for you to try.

Christmas Riddles

Test your brain power this festive season with these fun Christmas riddles. How many will you get right?

Riddler Riddles

The Riddler always sets Batman riddles to solve as clues before committing his crimes. Here are some of the best Riddler riddles.

Soccer Riddles For Kids

Give your brain a sporting workout with these fun soccer riddles, suitable for kids (and big kids!)

Funny Bible Riddles

We’ve studied religiously to come up with this collection of funny Bible riddles (with answers)!

Logic Number Puzzles

Give your mind a real workout with these fantastic fun logic number puzzles!

Math Riddles

Are you a math wiz? Test yourself with these fiendishly difficult math riddles and see just how clever you are.

Halloween Riddles For Kids

These fiendish Halloween riddles for kids are perfect for getting you in the mood for Halloween!

Cryptic Christmas Movie Riddles

Put your brain to the test this festive season with these mind-bending cryptic Christmas movie riddles.

Christmas Riddles For Kids

See how many of these rhyming Christmas riddles for kids you can answer. Every answer is something to do with Christmas.

Cryptic Christmas Carol Riddles

Can you solve these cryptic Christmas Carol riddles? Every answer is the title of a popular Xmas carol but can you work out which one?

Really Hard Riddles

Here’s a collection of really hard riddles to test your logical thinking. Don’t worry. they’re not impossible even if they may seem so at first!

Thanksgiving Riddles For Kids

Here’s a selection of fun rhyming Thanksgiving riddles for kids. Each answer is associated with Thanksgiving. How many you can get?

Valentine’s Day Riddles

Here’s a collection of Valentine’s Day riddles and brainteasers that you’re sure to fall in love with. Can you work out the answers?

Super Short Riddles

They say size isn’t everything and they have a point, as shown by these super short riddles!

Cryptic Capital City Quiz

This fiendishly fun cryptic capital city quiz is sure to give your brain a good workout! Give it a try now!

Cryptic Soccer Picture Quiz

Tease your brain with this fantastic cryptic soccer picture quiz!

Bumper Riddles Collection

Prove your puzzling power with this huge collection of fun riddles.

Cryptic Movie Riddles

If you’re a film buff who loves brainteasers, check out these cryptic movie riddles!

More Fun And Laughter

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