Funny Quotes And Sayings

Funny quotes and sayings are great for succintly summing up the absurdity of life, or simply for raising a smile or a laugh.

And as we love laughter here at LaffGaff, so we’ve put together some collections of our favorite funny quotes covering a wide range of topics.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Collections of funny quotes and sayings on a huge range of topics

Family & Friends

A page of funny friendship quotes

Friends are important, especially best friends. These funny friendship quotes explain exactly what a close friendship is all about.

A collection of funny quotes about family

Families can be loving, annoying, frustrating, and of course funny. And these funny family quotes encapsulate just what family life is all about.

A selection of funny Father's Day quotes to help celebrate his special day with humor

Dads love the funny side of life as shown by the existence of Dad jokes. So help him celebrate his special day with these funny Father’s Day quotes!

Mothers Day is a time to show your love and appreciation. Here’s a selection of funny Mothers Day poems and quotes to help you do it with a smile!

Help your Mom celebrate her special day with a smile, with these hilarious Mother’s Day poems and quotes.

A collection of funny birthday messages and wishes for their big day

If you know someone who’s celebrating their birthday, then put a smile on their face on their special day with these funny birthday messages and wishes.

Love & Relationships

A page of funny quotes about love

Love can be tender and sweet. It can also be highly amusing as demonstrated by these funny love quotes!

A collection of funny relationship quotes

You’re sure to have an instant connection with these funny relationship quotes and sayings! In fact, we think you’ll fall in love with them at first sight.

A collection of funny sex quotes

This collection of hilariously funny sex quotes and sayings sum up perfectly the absurdity of the act of lovemaking.

A collection of really funny quotes about men

Women will empathise with and enjoy these funny quotes about men. And men with a sense of humor will enjoy them too!

Some funny marriage quotes by the famous and not-so-famous

Enjoy these funny marriage quotes that sum up what it means to be married in a humorous and good-natured (if sometimes a little embittered!) way.

School & Education

A selection of funny quotes about school

These funny quotes about school are certainly top of the class. As a rule, you won’t find better anywhere else.

A collection of hilariously funny graduation quotes

If you or someone you know is graduating soon, check out these hilariously funny graduation quotes that encapsulate what it’s all about.

These funny teacher quotes are certainly in a class of their own!

These funny teacher quotes are certainly in a class of their own!

There's nothing divisive about these funny math quotes and sayings!

For some, math can be incredibly confusing and frustrating. But it does have its humorous side too, as shown by these funny math quotes and sayings.


A collection of funny quotes about life

Life can be tough but it can also be hilarious, as shown by these funny life quotes.

A collection of funny work quotes

We’ve been working hard to bring together all these funny work quotes. We’re sure you’ll grow to love them as much as us over-time!

A collection of funny quotes about sleep

You can never get tired of sleep, and it’s a nap that you’ll never get tired of these funny quotes about sleep either!

A selection of funny quotes about time

Time is a great healer, they say, which is lucky as you’ll need plenty of time to heal once your sides split from laughing at these funny quotes about time!

An enriching collection of funny money quotes

Money may make the world go round, but these funny money quotes, from the famous and not-so-famous, make the laughter flow!

A collection of really funny Christian quotes

Here at LaffGaff, we study humor religiously and that’s how we know that you’ll find these funny Christian quotes hilarious!

Food & Drink

A collection of funny wine quotes

We doubt you’ll whine about these funny wine quotes! In fact, you’ll probably be grapeful for them.

A delicious selection of funny food quotes

If you can’t eat food, the next best thing is to talk about it! And so here is a collection of funny food quotes to whet your appetite.

We combine our two favorite things - alcohol and humor - with these funny drinking quotes!

We combine our two favorite things – alcohol and humor – with these funny drinking quotes!

Funny Holiday Quotes

A selection of funny Valentine's Day quotes

Whether you’re in a fresh new loving relationship or single and sad, these funny Valentine’s quotes and sayings perfectly sum up both sides of the day.

A page of funny Thanksgiving quotes

Thanksgiving is a time for family, tradition and eating. All of which are a source of humor, so it’s no surprise there are so many funny Thanksgiving quotes and sayings around.

A festive collection of funny Christmas quotes

These funny Christmas quotes sum up perfectly both the highs and the lows of Christmas time.

A selection of funny Halloween quotes

Trick-or-treating, costumes, candy, parties… Halloween is a fantastic time and these funny Halloween quotes sum it up perfectly.

A collection of funny Easter quotes

Here’s a great selection of funny Easter quotes and sayings to help you to celebrate this religious holiday.

Celebrate the New Year with laughter with these funny New Year quotes

You’ve survived Christmas, now to help you see in the new year with a smile, here are all our favorite funny New Year quotes.


Hilariously funny dog quotes that perfectly describe man's best friend!

This fantastic selection of hilariously funny dog quotes perfectly sums up just what man’s best friend is all about.

A selection of funny cat quotes and sayings.

These funny cat quotes are purr-fect for raising a laugh and leaving you feline good. If you like cats, you’ll love them!

Sport & Leisure

These funny golf quotes and sayings are bound to have you hooked. That’s because we’ve had the fore-sight to only include the very best examples!

These funny golf quotes and sayings are bound to have you hooked. That’s because we’ve had the fore-sight to only include the very best examples!

There's no better catch than these funny fishing quotes and sayings!

Here is a large collection of funny fishing quotes and sayings for you to enjoy. You’ll be hooked for sure!

Funny Ned Flanders quotes from The Simpsons

He’s one of our very favorite characters in The Simpsons and so here are all our favorite funny Ned Flanders quotes.

General Funny Quotes

A selection of funny Friday quotes

Friday is our favorite day of the week because it means the weekend is coming! And what better way to celebrate our favorite day than with these funny Friday quotes.

A collection of hilariously funny inspirational quotes

We all need a bit of inspiration and motivation at times, along with a bit of humor. And for that you can’t beat these funny inspirational quotes!

A selection of funny short quotes

The best short funny quotes can say so much in so few words and make you laugh while doing it.

A collection of funny good morning quotes

These funny good morning quotes will put a smile on your face and lighten your mood as you prepare to face the challenges of the day ahead.

This collection of our favorite hilarious quotes is sure to raise a smile!

Life is for laughing and this collection of some of our favorite and most hilarious quotes is sure to bring a smile to your face!

A collection of the most hilariously witty quotes

A selection of the funniest and most witty quotes from famous stars, comedians and wits. If you like comedy quotes this page is for you.

A collection of hilariously funny sayings and witticisms

Funny sayings can come in useful as ice breakers in meetings or to add to speeches. They’re also great for inspiration for what to write in cards.

More Fun And Laughter

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