Funny Puns

We love funny puns here at LaffGaff, even ones that make us groan, and these collections are as hilarious as they come. So if you’re a pun lover like us then you’ve come to exactly the right place! You’re bound to have great pun reading them – even the cheesy ones are pretty Gouda!

So we hope you have as much fun reading them as we did collecting them.

A collection of hilariously funny puns

Funny Puns

Happy Birthday Puns

These birthday puns are perfect if you’re making a birthday speech, just looking for something witty to write in a birthday card, or just for fun.

Funny Puns For Kids

A great selection of funny puns for kids. And of course, they’re also suitable for the big kid in us all too! And we’re all big kids here at LaffGaff!

Punny Jokes

If you’re like us then you just can’t get enough of punny jokes! So here’s even more hilarious puns just for you.

History Puns

Take a humorous look at history with these hysterical historical puns.

Dinosaur Puns

Funny dinosaur puns will never be extinct. And they’re certainly not dino-boring! So here’s a collection of all our favorites.

Bowling Puns

These funny bowling puns will bowl your over! There’s no gutter humor here, they strike just the right balance!

Food Puns

Donut worry, these funny food puns are all in the best possible taste. So take your thyme and enjoy reading them!

Sleep Puns

These funny sleep puns are all you could have ever dreamed of! Never be caught napping again when you need a sleep pun,

Goat Puns

Excuse us for butting in but we’re not kidding, these goat puns are definitely the Greatest Of All Time.

Harry Potter Puns

These wizard Harry Potter puns are truly magical. They could make even the stoniest of stony faces laugh and are bound to cast a spell.

Math Puns

Math puns are an integral part of LaffGaff. In fact, we find math humor so add-ictive we thought we’d bring you another page packed full of funny math puns to make you groan!

Potato Puns

These spud-tacular potato puns certainly aren’t small fry! They’re so a-peeling, they’re sure to keep you amused.

Science Puns

Science puns always get a reaction. And these are no exception. Yes, they definitely won’t zinc without trace!

Turtle Puns

Shell-ebrate humor with these turtley awesome turtle puns! They’re sure to bring you out of your shell, so don’t be slow – read them now!

Elephant Puns

These hilariously funny elephant puns are truly unforgettable so don’t be a Dumbo – check them out right now. Ivory much doubt you’ll be disappointed!

Bad Puns

Sometimes a joke’s so bad you just have to laugh. If you like groan-worthy puns, you’ve got to see these!

Halloween Puns

Celebrate Halloween with a smile (or maybe a groan!) with these hilarious Halloween puns!

Swimming Puns

These hilarious swimming puns and jokes definitely won’t send you off the deep end as they’re a stroke of genius, so dive right in!

Clown Puns

We thought it would be a nice jester to bring you these funny clown jokes and puns!

Tree Puns

We’ve branched out to bring you these tree-mendous tree puns and jokes!

More Fun & Laughter

If you enjoyed these funny puns, be sure to check out the rest of LaffGaff for lots more fun and laughter. We have a huge selection of funny jokestrivia questions and answersfunny quotesquizzesbrainteasers and riddles, and pick up lines, so there’s something for everyone!