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We publish a new funny joke of the day every day. Here they all are!

Latest Daily Jokes

What Room?

A man is staying in a hotel. He walks up to the front desk and says, “Sorry, I forgot what room I’m in, can you help me?”

The receptionist replies, “No problem, sir. This is the lobby.””

Movie Plot Idea

I had an idea for a movie plot where a retired CIA agent searches for his kidnapped daughter in Paris, but it turns out that idea was taken.

I had another idea for one where the same agent is kidnapped with his wife in Istanbul, but it turns out that one was taken too.

Chest Hair

My wife claims that she can wax my chest hair without me feeling any pain at all.

I’m nervous she won’t be able to pull it off.

Blacksmith Interview

I went for an interview at a blacksmith’s yesterday.

The blacksmith asked me, “Are you any good at shoeing horses?”

I said, “No, but I once told a Donkey to get lost.”

Armed Robber

A shop assistant tried stopping an armed robber by attacking him with a labeling gun.

Police are now looking for a man with a price on his head.

Foot Cooler

Earlier, I was driving behind an ambulance when a cooler fell off the back.

I stopped and opened it up to find a foot inside.

So I decided to call a toe-truck.

Leftover Food

As I was preparing to leave the restaurant, the waiter said to me, “Do you wanna box for your leftover food?”

I said, “No thanks, but I’ll wrestle you for them.”

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